November 4th, 2010



WTF Deviantart. Of all the places on the internet that I'd pick for forcing people into the gender binary, that would be the last one.

I don't get as upset as some when "male" and "female" are the only offered options, I'm actually perfectly comfortable with either one. But honestly... most sites I chalk it up to short-sightedness and the rareness of the gender-ambiguous, and that's why it doesn't bug me. People often just don't know that there are other options. DA really doesn't have that excuse. They know about this issue, there has been a lot of fuss about this issue. I can only conclude that they're bigots.

I guess it goes along with the "penis is porn but vaginas and lesbian sex are art" attitude.

Cue me becomming even less inclined to use DA than I already am.