December 4th, 2010


This adoptable thing

I came up with an idea I don't hate, so I'm giving this "adoptable" thing a try.

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My dragon egg adoptables are a little bit like that dragon cave game. Except on the upside your dragon will be unique, unlike anybody else's. And you won't have to harass everybody you know to click on it to get it to hatch and grow up! You can also get the originals mailed to you if you like, so you get something a bit more concrete. The only down side is that yes, it costs money. Not much though. :D

Dragon ages:

How to adopt:
The first step is to give me $1 and let me know which egg you want. The egg drawing then belongs to you, to use as you see fit.*

If you have a preference for a type of dragon (western, eastern, anthro, wyvern, feathered, fuzzy, etc.) or if you dislike a type of dragon, please let me know before proceeding to the next step. If you have no preference that's fine too.

The next step is to send me $8 so I can draw your dragon all hatched out.

Then just send $8 whenever you'd like your dragon to grow up. :D You can send me $40 all at once and I'll draw the entire line all the way through, or you can send $8 along whenever you feel like getting a new pic and I'll take care of it then. Whatever time scale works for you.

These are MUCH cheaper than my normal commissions, where colored line work will run you $20 per picture. So hop on 'em now, and get a steal.

Black and red - Available
Rainbow - Ariana's
Sky - Harli's
Purple and green - Harli's
Natural - Harli's

*For personal, non-profit use only. If you want to sell prints or otherwise make money from any of this adoptable art, you'll need to arrange for additional rights.


What happens when I'm being paid to draw something I want to draw anyhow. It goes fast.

Harli's first dragon. She paid for the egg, and also for the sketch and inks. Color will come eventually, as will later, more grown up versions of the kirin-dragon that's hatching here. :D

(Since the color scheme isn't there yet to tell you, this hatched from the "natural" colored egg.)