January 4th, 2011


20% off tails

Decided to have a tail sale, since I don't have any in my queue right now.

Tails usually cost between $20 and $100. So right now they'd be between $16 and $80. :) Exactly how much your tail will be depends on what you want, of course. So drop me a reference or description and I'll give you a quote.

My standard fox tail (the most popular tail I make) is normally $35 and right now would be $28. My standard wolf tail (also very popular!) is normally $40, and right now just $32.

This sale does also include the ridiculous 12 foot tails, as seen here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/712673/ Giant tails are normally $200 and up, so right now they'd start at a mere $160. $40 off is not a bad deal. :)

Many more tail examples can be found on my FA gallery, or in my main gallery in the tail section: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/gallery/index.php?cat=12

Add $5 shipping for all USA orders, and $8 shipping for all international orders. Very huge tails may have a slight extra shipping charge.

Tails take from 2-3 weeks to sew (giant tails may take slightly longer, especially as I will have to order fabric first.)

You can comment here, note me, or e-mail me at spark.costumes[at]gmail.com if you want to discuss a tail commission.

Commissions for plushes, fursuits, ears, etc. are also still open at my usual prices. Thanks!