February 27th, 2011


No real sermon today

I have a billion thoughts, but none of them has gelled into anything worth writing. So here is a random observation.

I saw somebody sitting on the pew in front of me today, and he was wearing a wristband. It was yellow, and for a moment I thought it was one of those Livestrong bands. Then I got a better look at it. It was a hologram band. *sigh* And I thought to myself "No! There shouldn't be any of those here! Don't you follow your own faith? The glory of God is intelligence, how can you be so stupid and gullible! You should know better than that! You should be better than that!"

Sadly, every religion is full of stupid people. This includes the "religions" of various philosophies, of atheism, and even of science. People are just plain idiots, and no group is free of them.

Also people are hateful, exclusionary, and cruel. That too turns up in all groups, including whatever group you, the reader, identify yourself with. I've personally been treated with hatred and bigotry by furries, christians, aetheists, gays, and kinksters. No group is immune to "us vs. them" behavior, even those whose philosophies ought to make them inclusive.

Think on that the next time you are tempted to judge a group as stupid, or hateful, because of what one member of that group has done.