March 4th, 2011



Furaffinity is being very wobbly today. This is annoying because I have two different major auctions ending soon, and I had intended to put up "last chance" calls on both on FA today. But even if I can manage to get them up, it's possible that nobody will see them. Which is quite annoying.

I guess I should at least go put the last call reminders up over on pkmcollectors and fursuitauctions.

And here too, I suppose. :D

Four auctions for various custom pokemon plush slots, a rare opportunity, since I don't take commissions for these normally, end at midnight tomorrow!
Auction is located here:

One radioactive husky ends the following day.
Auction is located here:

PVC fox

Today's accomplishment.

Don't ask me why PVC, it was the customer's idea. But it's always nice to have variety in my projects. Although at this point I'm heartily sick of working on this one. XD Full suits always get to that point. Part of why I'm enjoying the increased number of plushes I'm making lately.