March 12th, 2011



I have made some stuff.

Cubone is a duplicate, though actually I'd tossed the original pattern, I never save super-specific stuff like that, but I seem to have re-made it just fine.

Today's goals: shave fur, cut out a plush, and sew some of it. Also play Pokemon. :D I gave in today and bought White at Toys R' Us. They didn't have any of the toys I was hoping for, so...


Hard Rock Pokemon was already my favorite Japanese pokemon stuff reseller. (Okay prices, stellar service.) And after getting this e-mail I just got from them, I like them even better.

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I'd been thinking of donating, but last time I donated to charity I got spammed half to death by the charity I used. I understand that they always can use more donations, but I dislike that donating once puts me on the "soft touch" list and I get harassed for life. :P They've finally slacked off a bit recently, and I really don't want to encourage them again. So this is perfect. Hard Rock won't spam me, if it were going to do that it would already be doing it with sales stuff, and it's not. So yay. Plus I've been thinking of buying something nice, as my finances are good this month. Maybe I'll treat myself to that Serperior plush I've been eyeing... 10% off is not huge, but it's not to be sneezed at either. :D And it's at least going directly to Japan itself, rather than sitting in the coffers of some American company who may or may not ever cough up the money to somebody on the scene who will actually use it. (Like all the phone companies during the Haiti disaster. Never donate to charity via phone txt if you can help it.)

And obviously as the donation e-mail is right there, even if you're not a current Hard Rock customer, any of you reading this can feel free to use this as your way to donate as well. :)