March 13th, 2011


Stuff on my cat

Ron and Anthony are famous!

And of course there are already idiots. :P The system has a thing for submitting an explanation with the photo, and I explained that neither cat nor snake is in danger here. But it stripped my explanation off when it posted, so now people are flipping out over it. *eyeroll*

I mean come on. "I pray the parents are in the house watching the snake." Well, given that one of us has to be BEHIND THE CAMERA then yes, we're watching the snake. Srsly.

Also, YET AGAIN, Anthony is the one in danger here, not Ron. The CAT is the creature that hunts and eats snakes, not the other way around. But as cats can be trained, we have trained Ron to leave Anthony alone. (It's the only thing we've trained him to do, the pest, but still... I wouldn't have done this if we hadn't!) People are so farking ignorant.

But eh, I don't even want to enter that argument. Arguing on the internet, special olympics, you know the saying. :P So I will enjoy the two seconds of fame and ignore the stupid comments.