April 13th, 2011



My sleep schedule is getting increasingly out of whack. I'm no longer on my usual New Zealand time. I'm not sure whose time I'm on now, I'm too lazy to look it up, but bedtime is coming in another hour or two.

Today was a day when I couldn't settle, so I hopped about and worked on a lot of things. I also went out and got stuffing to finish a bunch of stuff that's been sitting around almost done for a few days. So. Here's today's work.

Weasel tail and ears:

Indoor style wolf feet:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... zebra meat plush prop! :D I'd love to do more plush props, this was fun. Stuff like this is simple, so it's around $50-ish, just fyi. :)

Coming soon - wolf partial suit, colorful fursuit-character plush, and maybe some random crap made out of velvet I'd like to use up.