April 19th, 2011


Pokemon auction time again. :)

Since I finished the last chibi and large size pokemon in my queue, I thought I'd open up two more slots. :)

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Bidding rules.

-NO TAKEBACKS. If you bid, you cannot delete your bid for any reason. Don't bid unless you mean it!
-Bid by replying to the current high bid. (Or by replying to my starting comment)
-No sniping. Bids placed at the last minute will extend the auction for another hour to give everyone time to place a final bid.

-The auction ends in one week, (Tuesday, April 26th) at midnight Pacific time.
-I do take payments, so you can feel free to bid yourself into debt if you like. :)
-Shipping will be in addition to the winning bid. The chibi will be fairly cheap, but the larger plush slot will be more expensive. If you're concerned about shipping costs, just let me know where you live and I can give you an estimate of how much it will be.
-The chibi will be finished in roughly a month. The large plush may take several months for completion.

P.S. Non-pokemon (original character) plush slots are also open, no bidding necessary. Just let me know what you're interested in getting, and I can give you a price quote.

Lol I am a derp! (Pokemon, yay)

(Totally posted this here by accident, but I shall leave it anyhow)

Firstly, let's get business out of the way. :)

Custom slots auction!

One chibi slot and one large plush slot are open. The auction is being held here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1236750.html


I've added things to my sales, AND I've lowered nearly all my prices! Sales can be found here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1129035.html

And now the good part. I've taken photos of my whole collection! There's a lot of it!

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