April 27th, 2011


Trade opportunity.

As promised, I'm announcing this one here on my lj first. :)

I want to change how I do pokemon plush commissions a little bit. But in advance of the change I'd like to have an example of a small, traditional plush. Ie. it's not a Loonakit or a chibi, it's a fully-featured plush, but it's around that size. Price range for this kind of thing would ordinarily be around $80-$120, depending on the pokemon in question.

I want to do this as a trade. Ideally I'd get something from my grail list in exchange, however I realize that those items aren't commonly available (or they wouldn't be on my grail list) so I'd take other things from my want list as well.

Make me a trade offer. If I get more than one offer, I'll pick the best one. If I don't get any, I'll be posting this over on the pkmcollectors community where hopefully I'll get a taker.

Here's the list, grail stuff at the top: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1128826.html So comment with an offer and in 24 hours, give or take, I'll pick the one I like best. :)

Ooo, more art!

I'd say I'm sorry for the spam, but I don't think I actually am. :D

A morning phoenix. Or possibly a mourning phoenix, as she does look rather sad. But when colored she'll be decorated with morning glories. Although I'm not sure how that will work out. If it doesn't I may do her over. We shall see.

Lost contact

If you are the person who adopted a lightning egg, from here: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/artwork/albums/userpics/myth_eggs.jpg PLEASE CONTACT ME. You can comment here, or you can e-mail me at spark.costumes@gmail.com I tried to e-mail you, but it bounced back as undeliverable! Your art is done, I'd like to send you a high-res scan or mail you the original, but I've nowhere to send either one, and I can't find whatever message you originally sent me about it.