May 26th, 2011


I command you to READ.

THIS. READ THIS. If you like Harry Potter, read this. If you enjoy reading, read this. If you like fanfiction read this. But more than that, if "for Science!" is a call that can stir your heart, if "humanism" means something to you, READ THIS.

IMHO if it finishes out as wonderfully as it's gone so far it will be better than the original Harry Potter. Far better. This alternate-reality version of the story keeps many of its strengths, and removes many of its weaknesses. It's not as fluffy, mind. Harry Potter in the original deals with some harsh realities, but it does so in a way that's pretty conventional. Nothing in that story challenges your ideas about reality, or self, or how stories are meant to go. It's a safe sort of reality. Maybe people die, but love will triumph over all. Well love isn't the answer this time. The answer is a lot more complicated, a little bit darker, and quite possibly a great deal more profound. Love might be part of it, but it's only part. And the problem isn't so simple either, this Harry probably isn't going to end up saving the world from a clear-cut evil by killing an obvious villain. The Voldemort here is a far more interesting character than I ever could have dreamed.

The whole thing is brilliant. I laughed so hard I just about fell out of my chair. I also cried. I don't think the original ever quite made me do either. I am going to anticipate new chapters of this story with a lot more eagerness than I've anticipated any new books in quite a long time. I'm honestly having a hard time remembering the last time a story stirred me this much.