June 16th, 2011


TON of pokemon stuff for sale.

Well, that didn't take as long as I thought it might.

Anyhow. Here's the deal. My husband is probably losing his job. I'm currently burnt out and even if I weren't I'm not sure how much more work I can pile on, so money is sort of tight right now. Thus, I've decided to sell better than half of my pokemon collection. I didn't just weed, I cut out everything that I could bear to part with at all.

So here it is, tons and tons of stuff, including more than a dozen pokedolls, oodles of Zukans, and misc. plush and figures.

Also, three more things:

Thing ONE

I'm still taking Pokemon Loonakit commissions. They start at $30, though most Pokemon will be $35-$50. Quick turn around time, total adorableness, affordable prices. What more could you want?

Thing TWO

I'm also still taking bead sprite commissions. Starting at $5 each. :D Actual price varies depending on the size of the sprite image being used, but all pokemon have at least one sprite that can be done for the $5 price. :)


Just because I'm broke doesn't mean I never want to collect again. It just means I can't buy things. No reason why I can't trade. I've gotten rid of my Pokedolls, but I'm still collecting canvas plush. If you have a Pokemon Canvas plush not in that picture, I'm probably interested in it. :) I'll trade Loonakits for any of them, and full-size plushes for the rarer ones. Trades take time, I work on them on my day off, so you'll be waiting several months at least, but if you don't mind that, I'd be happy to trade with you.

I think that's it. :) Will be cross posting this over on that other community probably tomorrow, but I always let my watchers have first stab at these things.