June 28th, 2011


Long time, no contest

I'm doing an art contest again! Here's the deal:

1. Prizes. I will award first, second, and third place prizes. First place is a $50 coupon, second place a $35 coupon, and third place a $20 coupon. These coupons are good for that amount off of any work by me. If what you want is equal to or less than the value of your prize coupon, I'll make it for free. So first place could get any Loonakit or (almost) any tail, second place could get most loonakits and most tails, and third place can get something very simple. Or any of them can get that much off of something more complicated/larger. Coupons are not cash, and cannot be used retroactively on something you've already paid for.

2. Deadline. Art will be due on July 31st, at midnight pacific time. That gives you just over one month. I'll post several reminders as the deadline gets closer.

3. Subject matter. This contest I'm going to ask for depictions of my Guardian Dragon. I'm giving no references. Why? Because the Guardian Dragon isn't so much a character as a concept. So this is not about accuracy, this is about creativity. The Guardian Dragon has three traits: 1. It is an oriental dragon, not a western dragon. 2. Its colors are purple, red, and gold. Where, what shades, and in what proportions those are used is entirely up to the artist. 3. It is a guardian creature, so it should show wisdom, power, or compassion. How you do that is, again, entirely up to you, the artist.

4. Allowed content/media. NO PORN. The Guardian Dragon is genderless and asexual, so even pinups are inappropriate. No sexual content at all. Creating sexual content will automatically disqualify your entry from the contest. Any and all media are allowed, real media, digital media, 3-d media, fabric arts, anything and everything you'd like to use, no restrictions.

5. Judging criteria. I'm the sole judge here, so the biggest factor in judging is what I like. :) That said I usually consider the following things: 1. Artistic skill. This includes all those things like good anatomy, good posing, harmonious color choice, etc. etc. etc. 2. Time and effort spent. Even if you're very good, if you slap off something that took you ten minutes, it tends to show. I'm more inclined to favor pieces that have been polished at least a little. Sketches are certainly allowed, but are less likely to win. 3. Creativity. Plain side views of the dragon standing still are not what I like. Show some action, show some personality, show something more interesting if you possibly can. Plain side views aren't disallowed, of course, you can do a lot with them, but the more creative and interesting you get, the better.

For anybody who creates any kind of real media entry, I'll happily pay postage in order to get the original, I like having them. :) I do not expect full rights to your art, you can make prints and do whatever else you want with it.

If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to ask them!