August 1st, 2011


A livejournal exclusive.

:) My latest trade project. Not actually done yet, it's run into a snafu with the neck joint, and there is an additional accessory I have yet to make. But I am still pretty pleased with it.

Yes, that is a jointed-bear style vulpix. :D Jointed plushes are easier than I had thought.

How to deal with Mormons on your doorstep

So the doorbell rings, and when you peer out your little fisheye you see them: young men, white shirts, ties, little black name tags. The Mormons are here. What do you do?

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So there you go. And it's not a lie, by the way, to say that you have a Mormon friend you can ask. I'm right here. Any questions you want to ask me are completely welcome. (Just remember that I don't extend my tolerance to tolerating bigotry and hate speech, so that sort of thing will just get deleted.)

Art contest results!

First I want to say a HUGE thank-you to everybody who entered. Seriously. Every time I saw a new entry it completely made my day. I was afraid this was going to be a fizzle and I wouldn't get anything at all, but instead I got thirteen awesome entries, every single one of which was worthy of some kind of prize.

Sadly I cannot give out infinite prizes. I have not so much money right now, or I would consider giving everybody something or other. As is, I had to choose.

So now, in traditional suspense-building style (though you can scroll to the end if you like) I'd like to thank each of the artists who didn't win first.

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Thank you ALL again! This has been an amazing experience for me, and I hope that all of you, winners or not, have had fun doing the art.

I'll be contacting everybody individually to ask about getting originals for the real media pieces, I'd love to own all of these, if possible. :) And of course I'll be contacting the winners about their prizes. If you don't want to wait, feel free to drop me a comment/e-mail/note and discuss what you'd like to get.