August 9th, 2011


I made some Loonakits

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Also, I sort of accidentally Umbreon. I was half way through sewing it when I remembered it was supposed to be shiny. I hate unpicking stitches, so I just finished it anyhow, and then made another one. Anybody with $30 can take this little guy home today. He's found a home. :)

More pics later today. :)

Lj sneak peek. :D

PONY! XD Not quite a My Little Pony, but a cute semi-toony unicorn. Am really liking this one. Really, really liking it. I hope it looks this good when it's actually finished! Right now the skin is just sitting there, it's not actually attached, since I have to pull it back off to put the ears and mane on, and to finish the mouth interior.