October 27th, 2011



I keep seeing jokes and lols and blurbs mentioning anybody who's rich as a member of the 1% They have movie stars and wealthy fictional characters holding up those little signs saying things like "I never wanted for anything growing up, and now I have money and style, I am the 1%."


"Never wanted for anything" is not the 1%. Movie stars are not the 1%! MILLIONAIRES are not the 1%! The 1% are so absurdly, horrible, disgustingly rich that they are miles and miles and miles beyond that! THINK about it, people!!!!!!! Gah. The amount of money made could be charted with a line, right? Goes from homeless broke-ass people at 0 up and up and up from there. WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE PEOPLE MORE THAN HALFWAY UP, we're talking about the VERY TOP 1%, the people who make more money than the merely "rich" could even dream of, okay? The people who make more money than all the working stiffs and all the ordinary millionaires in the country combined! They make millionaires look frigging POOR! There's a reason people are pissed at them, and it's not "I'm broke so I am jealous of the wealthy" It's "I'm disgusted by somebody who has so much money that he could buy whole nations." Nobody needs that much money! It goes beyond "successful and well off" and into "obscene."

Also, for FRICK'S SAKE Rarity is not in the 1%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Celestia, people! She WORKS WITH HER OWN HANDS HOOVES to make her money! She's not even "rich" let alone in the multi-billions kind of territory the 1% occupy!

So STOP BEING SUCH IDIOTS! However you feel about the occupy protests, you could at least take half a frigging second and three points of IQ and understand what "top 1%" MEANS.

Sheesh. Morons.