December 19th, 2011


Running a bit late

I just thought I'd drop a small notice to everyone who's commissioned me. I'm currently a little behind. This month has been more hectic than I planned on, and next week is kind of obviously not a good week to catch up on work, since the holidays will "force" me to take some time off. :) (And also since the big Holiday Market is this week, so even my working time will have less sewing time in it, as I have to set up and man my booth for three days running. I'll get a little sewing done while I'm there, but not as much as usual.)

I should still not miss any important deadlines, but some of the things I expected to get done in December will have to be pushed back into January, and then of course everything else gets pushed back, and well... just in general all my estimates are probably going to be a little late.

All my current customers have been really patient, which I appreciate a great deal. Hopefully I can get caught up in short order and not try your patience any more than necessary.