December 23rd, 2011



For anybody that uses dreamwidth. I'm there, sorta. Will bother to actually set stuff up, add pics, make posts, etc. after the holidays.

I'm not leaving lj, though I have decided it's time to stop paying them money, and will be letting my paid stuff expire. I don't actually *need* a bajillion user pics, and I don't use most of the other paid features at all.

Edit: Oooooo, the little bastards have actually given me a REAL reason to be pissed at them now! Forget buggering up comments and being rude to their customers, they're trying to sneakily get people's money without asking. I have been paying for my extra pictures every time they come up to expire manually. I don't use automatic payments for anything, especially not from my paypal account because I tend to not keep a balance in there. But somebody mentioned that they've been signing people up for automatic payments without notifying them and sure enough when I checked, the automatic payment feature had been turned on! Buggers. I turned it off again, but if you have any sort of paid account you might want to check and make sure yours is off too.