January 25th, 2012


Herpy and Derpy

New plush pattern, big lying beanie plushes! :D

Derpy (on the left) is already sold, but HerpyDerpy (on the right) was my trial of the pattern, and she is not sold. I'm doing a private auction. :) How that works is I'll list the current high bid right here, and if you want to bid you just send me a note, or e-mail me at spark.costumes@gmail.com with your bid. I'll let you know when you're outbid and give you the chance of bidding higher. When I quit getting new bids, the highest bidder gets her.

Current bid: SOLD

I know most people do their pattern tests in muslin, but when you're done what can you do with a muslin plush? Throw it away is all. It always seems like a waste. I figure even if the test comes out slightly funky (which this did) there will be somebody who can still love it. So I make them in minky and I figure so long as I get what I spent on the fabric, I'm ahead of the game.

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