May 25th, 2012


Found one

Edit: Have found one. :)

Actually I'm looking for two of them. I need one person who IS familiar with the Zelda game Majora's Mask (preferably has played all the way to the end) and one person who is NOT familiar with Majora's Mask, preferably has never played it at all and knows nothing about the plot and characters.

I'm asking for pre-readers a bit ahead of time, the story is not yet finished, but it's currently being written at a good clip, so it may not be long. Finished story will be around 40k words, give or take a bit, I'm not sure. It is, obviously, a Legend of Zelda fanfic. It is not a shipfic, in fact characters other than Link do not figure much in it.

I'm looking for pre-readers mostly for consistency and clearness. I'm not asking for in depth critique or grammar nazi-ing, though if you want to give them that's fine, but mostly I'd like to just be sure that it makes *sense* to a non-game player, and that I haven't forgotten anything important or done anything stupidly wrong that would upset a game player. :) So I would be asking you to note down any areas that seem jumpy or confusing, basically. (Or that seem wrong to the game player.)

Lemme know if you're interested! I'm willing to pre-read something for you in return, or owe you a favor, or something. :)

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