May 29th, 2012



Four stories and 100+k words later my muse is finally letting me stop writing for a while. Whew! Maybe now I can get some work done. :)

The four stories in question, in case anybody wants to read 'em:

We all know that Link must fight and kill his shadow. But what if the victorious hero had chosen to have mercy on his defeated darker side? What then? Contains Yaoi themes, but nothing more explicit than kissing.

Ocarina Circle
A troubled Link rides out into the night. His sword can slay any enemy, but problems of the heart are not so easily resolved. Can the stranger he meets help him find the love he seeks? Shameless OC self-insertion. I regret nothing! Contains non-explicit m/m themes.

Link has defeated all enemies to face him, including his own shadow. But now he's seeing his shadow's eyes whenever he looks in a mirror. What does it mean, and what will happen when his shadow asks him for a chance to live? -A different take on the Link/Dark Link relationship, still being posted, though I've finished writing the main story arc.

Opposites Attract
Link fully expected to defeat his shadow. But he didn't expect his shadow to thank him for doing so... Yet anther take on the possible relationship between Link and Dark Link. Mature for M/F sexual content.

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