June 13th, 2012


Sharing something beautiful


This is what happens when people who believe respond with love instead of hate. What the guy in that article says about his parents really gives me some hope that someday maybe we can have a world where people of faith have strong beliefs and yet don't use those beliefs to fuel hatred.

And for those who haven't got the time to read the whole thing, I'll share my favorite part:

"If you know and love somebody who is gay and LDS (or Christian), your job is to love and nothing more. Let go of your impulse to correct them or control them or propel them down the path you think is right for them. Do what you need to do to move past that impulse.  Do not condemn the choices your loved one makes. Love. Only love."

"If you are a parent or guardian, teach them what you know to be true in appropriate moments, with the Spirit. But then let go and let them govern themselves. Trust that they can find their own path. Let them live their life and have the experiences they need to learn and grow. Trust that they are in charge of their own agency and destiny. I promise you they will thank you."

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