June 18th, 2012



I have an Archive of Our Own beta account. :D Go me! Have started uploading Dark there. And wow it's a million times nicer than fanfiction.net, seriously. Easier to use, no stupid, idiotic, baffling policies, no need to constantly enter captchas, simple tagging system, simple warnings system, and best of all it seems to be run by people who fully understand the legalities of fan works, copyright, plagarism, etc.

And their content policy is pretty much open, no ridiculous censorship, no "brutal murder is okay, consentual sex isn't" double standard, or anything. They ban kiddie porn, (defined as involving real children) and anything that's not actually fanfic, and that's pretty much it. Right from their site: "we will not remove Content for offensiveness, no matter how awful, repugnant, or badly spelled we may personally find that content to be."

I am down with that kind of thing. Their tagging system pretty much ensures I won't see anything I don't like*, and that's all I really care about, frankly. You keep it where people don't get it in their faces if they don't want it, and let the people who do like it enjoy it, and as it's all words on screens involving no real people, nobody's harmed and everybody has fun, and it's all good. :)

Anybody reading this have an account there?

*Though you have to try pretty hard to find a fetish that genuinely disturbs me, the list is pretty short there. But there are plenty that just plain don't interest me.

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