December 14th, 2012



Just got back from seeing The Hobbit. In IMAX, which has JJ pissed since Fandango basically lied to us about it being HRF and it was not. It was pretty good though. The 3D didn't suck. And I think that's a first, I didn't like the 3D in Avatar or anything else I've ever seen, but I think they did it right in The Hobbit in several different ways. For one it wasn't obtrusive and gimmicky, most things didn't leap out of the screen at the audience (which sin Avatar was guilty of way too often) and in fact it was the kind of 3D where the screen is a window in, not a backdrop the movie sticks out of. That works much better, because that way every time something crosses the edges of the screen it doesn't look weirdly chopped off and floating.

Anyway, I mostly approve of the changes in the story too. Mostly.

And while you can't really spoil a story that was published in 1937, Collapse )

Overall it was really nicely done, and the character interactions were very strong. Thirteen dwarves all have distinct personalities, which is no mean feat (even if they did cheat a bit by making several of them stereotypes.) The dialog was good, the special effects were stunning as always, and the fight scenes were nicely choreographed. (The goblin city battle was particularly fun, if a touch over the top now and then, but I think after Legolas surfed his shield down the wall at Helm's Deep, it was firmly established that Middle Earth battles could be somewhat ridiculous, and I am okay with that.) Also Gollum was terrific and the riddle game REALLY nicely done. A nice blend of dialog straight out of the book and weird behavior that harks forward to the LoTR portrayal of the character.

So I do definitely recommend it, and I am not actually sad at all that we have to go back again to watch it in HFR, I am quite looking forward to it!

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