January 7th, 2013


Zomg Pokemons!

I haven't been collecting pokemon stuff actively for a while, and in fact since we moved about a year ago most of my collection has lived in a box. I have other hobbies that could use some money, and I'm sure other people would appreciate and enjoy this stuff more than I am right now, so I'm selling nearly all my collection.

This includes some REALLY rare stuff, mostly Rapidiash and Eevee/Eeveelutions related, as well as a few other misc. pokemon.

Since I haven't even been looking at pokemon stuff for a year or so, I have NO idea what any of this is currently worth. I figure rather than flail around pricing things too high or too low, I'll just auction it off. I already put up a big box of random stuff on ebay, but I didn't want to put my favorites up so haphazardly. :) So they're being auctioned off on livejournal.

The auction is right here:

You can find the rules and more info at that link. Feel free to ask questions about any of this.

Here's some thumbnails of what I'm auctioning off. Visit the link for bigger pics.

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