February 7th, 2013


I've just been screwed. Who needs a fursuit or giant plush asap?

I've just had my second ever Paypal dispute. EVER. I've done that well. But unlike the first one that was easily resolved, this one is a tangled disaster that's going to leave me in a huge financial mess.

I guess every cloud has it's silver lining though. I have a big project slot open for April now. So if you want a fursuit, partial, head, quadsuit, or giant plush to be made WAY faster than my normal wait time, all you have to do is be able to pay $940 (the amount of the chargeback I'm having to deal with) up front, and the spot is all yours. The shortest suit/giant plush wait time I'm likely to ever have, given that my list usually runs 6-9 months. That's the full price of a four-foot tall pony plush with shipping in the USA, or most of the price of a partial suit. Heck, I'll do the partial for $940 shipped, instead of my usual $1,000 plus shipping if you take this spot, or I can toss in a free smaller plush along with the giant plush. I really want to just refund the money and be done with this.

So... any takers?

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