February 13th, 2013


Giant commission sale!

(Almost forgot to post this here!) Okay, it's time to raise some money. I have until Friday or until I get a total of $940, whichever comes soonest. I'm more than halfway there now, but I still need to raise a little more.

So here's the deal.

Everything that I already have a pattern for is 20% off. So if there's one in my gallery it is *probably* included in this. Obviously ponies are, and giant Eevee evolutions, lying and sitting feral plushes, basic anthro plushes, loonakits, etc. There are some things I made assuming they'd be a one-off and then threw out the pattern, so not every single thing in my gallery, but most of it. Tails are included in this too, and ears, but not hands or feet because those have to be made individually to fit. (And obviously not suits or heads, for the same reason.)

These sale spots differ from my usual spots in that you'll need to pay in full up front to get one (though you can pay shipping after they're done if you prefer) and that they'll be done in April, rather than in August, which is the next open spot I have for med. sized projects. Though if the sale gets too many people interested, some late comers may be able to pick up August spots.

If you want a sale spot please e-mail me. (spark.costumes@gmail.com) I'm happy to discuss prices and possibilities in the comments here or by note, but when you're ready to go ahead I will need an e-mail so that I can keep track of your commission, things done entirely by note/comment are too easy for me to lose.

So that's the deal. Questions welcome. :)

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