February 28th, 2013


ZOMG! Look what I made!

Holy crap!

It's actually a messy, flawed cast, in fact the tail is so bad I have to completely re-make the mold and I'm all out of rubber, and I'm still broke, so heaven knows when that will happen. But I put a tail cover over it and so it's not so obvious. :) The other pieces have bubbles and various other flaws, and overall it's just not quite perfect.

But I am still entirely stoked by it! Just look at it! It's a little resin creature, with a poseable tail, and I made it all by myself! :D

I will *eventually* be selling these, but first I have to re-do the tail mold, and then I have to manage to get some bubble-free casts. So it's going to be a while. I just HAD to show off this little guy though.

I'm going to try blushing/painting him so he has some features (a little color on his nose, things like that) when I have time, but sadly I'm way too busy to do that today. I already spent too much time casting these pieces, honestly. But just look at it! :DDD

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