March 21st, 2013


Talking about piracy again

To sum up the video above, Game of Thrones is the most profitable TV series out there, and also the most pirated. Correlation doesn't equal causation, but it's a correlation that comes up again and again and again, so there may well be something to it. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it. Piracy is not the same as theft. Theft is definitely harmful, piracy is debatable. And while I totally think that creators should have the right to decide to let their work roam free on the internet or not as they choose, those who choose "not" are choosing to cripple their own potential popularity. You could not pay for the kind of exposure and fame that getting your stuff pirated buys you. (And also you really just can't fight the pirates, they'll find a way around any measures you try against them, so you might as well try to benefit from their work rather than spending all your energy in a futile battle.)

The only "piracy" I personally hate is uncredited art theft. Take my images, use 'em, reblog 'em, edit them, do whatever you like to them, but don't pretend you made them. That takes away all the exposure benefits I mentioned above and is a HUGE dick move.

[/end soapbox]

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