April 1st, 2013


I return!

:D Back from the wilds of Seattle. And while I was gone stuff came in the mail! I got a sea serpent, and an AWESOME weird little ACEO. I am very stoked! Thank you SO MUCH Ampersand and Rain!!

Now I just have to get caught back up on work. *sigh* I brought some along on the trip but I didn't get much of it done.

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My kickstarter has funded!

Woooooooooooooooo! *does a happy dance*

So what does this mean? It means that it's no longer "if I get enough people" I have enough people, it's guaranteed that these little guys WILL be professionally cast.

There is one whole week left to go before the project ends, I get the funds, and I send the doll off to the caster. With all that time I'm thinking about stretch goals now. I have a few ideas, and if you have any, please feel free to suggest them.

Right now what I'm thinking of is for everyone who's backed at at doll-getting level to get a second tail cover as goal one, and then as goal two for everybody who backed at all to get a thank-you postcard with some original art of the doll on it. (I'd draw it and get post-card size prints, basically.) Goal three might be for everybody who funded at the full-doll level to get a little ACEO of their specific doll. (I like that idea but I don't feel I could do ACEOS for *everyone* and I'm not sure about leaving out the people who funded it at a lower level, so I'm still considering whether I want to do that or not.)

Any other thoughts are welcome.

And of course if you haven't gotten your fennec yet, you have a week left to do so! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1285575774/get-a-fennec-bjd-pet-in-resin

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