April 12th, 2013


Tax time/Halloween fursuits

Tax time is coming, which means some of you will have refunds to spend. And "lucky" self-employed people like me will have massive payments to send in. Woo.

So I'm offering a tax time sale to see if I can tempt a few of you into spending you refunds here. :3 15% off ANY head, partial, full suit, or quad suit, and also 15% off any giant plush!

You can see a list of the suit prices before this discount here: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/comm_fursuit.html

Giant plush prices vary depending on the exact size and the character in question, so you can just ask for a quote if you're interested.


I just got another commission, which fills my fursuit slots all the way to September. This means if you want to get a fursuit for Halloween this year, NOW is the time to order! (There's still tons of time left to order tails, ears, and other small things, I'll announce a deadline for them closer to the date.)

I plan on keeping the tax time sale open until the end of April, to give everyone time to get their refunds and send a down payment. But slots are always first come, first served, so the longer you wait, the later on my list your slot may be.

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