April 16th, 2013


Good news/bad news :3

The good news is our taxes came out much better this year than last year. My business ran just about the same, so I was braced to owe quite a lot, but my husband had some things change, and the end result was that I don't really need to hold a tax time sale after all!

Which is good, of course. However that is also possible bad news for a few of you! So since I did say I'd be having the sale until the end of April I figured I should give folks who are interested a chance to let me know before I go and declare it's over. Please comment if you were planning on taking advantage of the sale, and we'll work something out one way or another. :3

Otherwise, if nobody is going to be vastly disappointed, I'll just call the sale over, with a thank-you to the couple of folks who have participated already.

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