June 13th, 2013


Boredy bored bored.

I'm working my butt off, so it's not that kind of bored, but I am taking a break right now, and can't really think of anything I want to do that wouldn't distract me too much from getting back to work, so instead I'll share a story from Saturday of how I made the most adorable sale ever.

So I'm sitting at my booth, selling mostly tails and ears, and sewing pony beanies for Everfree, when a guy around my age comes by with a little girl of around four in tow. They stop to look at the booth, and the dad is sort of interested, but the girl is just being painfully shy. She's not hiding behind his leg, but she's also not making any eye contact, and she is clinging for dear life to a big coloring book that she's holding in front of her. It covers half her body. It's adorable and hilarious the way she's hiding behind it.

I happen to notice that on the back of said coloring book is Princess Celestia, and who should I have just finished sewing up, but a Princess Celstia plush! So I say to the girl, "Hey, do you like ponies? I like ponies." And she's trying to look at me without looking at me, still being really shy. I pull out Princess Celestia, and point at her mane and tail. "Do you know who this is? Who has a rainbow mane?" She's still not responding, but she is looking at me now. "Princess Celestia has a rainbow mane, doesn't she?"

Then the girl finally smiles, and nods and goes. "Yes, Princess Celestia!"

And after that I was her friend. Seriously. She is suddenly not shy at all, and she starts showing me things and talking about what they're doing and where they're going. She has a bag of strawberries she just bought. She loves strawberries. She has a big sister. She's going to a birthday party that afternoon. And she looks at my stuff, and tries on some ears, and her dad is just grinning, obviously pleased by all this.

Dad ended up buying a pair of tails as gifts for the kids at the party they're going to and a pair of ears for the girl, which was my biggest single sale of the day.

Friendship is totally magic. :D

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