July 8th, 2013


Pretty ponies!

For a given value of "pretty" in Pinkamena's case. :D (Click for larger.)

I drew these in the art room at Everfree NW. I think the art room was one of my favorite bits of the con. The Twilicorn in particular I'm super fond of. (I did another Pinkamena that maybe I like better, but somebody bought it off me at the con! They said they'd scan it and send a copy, but I've no idea if that will actually happen.)

So now I think I'm on a pony drawing kick, since I currently have two more pony drawing in progress. (One Princess Luna, and one Glitter Shell.) I struggled for ages with finding a G4 style I like. I have a style that I settled on for G1 and G3, but G4 is so different... but now I think I've found it. One part show art, one part my art, and probably about three parts Crooked Trees' Pinkamena. :D But without the freaky content, really, I don't think I'll be getting much more disturbing than this right here. (Which is probably disturbing enough.)

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