July 13th, 2013


If you commissioned me at Everfree NW last week, PLEASE READ!

There were two people who commissioned me for projects at EFNW last week. Earlier today I had my cash box stolen, and along with my money it also contained my notebook with all my convention commission notes. That means I no longer know what I was making, or have the e-mails of those I was making it for, so I need those folks to please get in touch with me!

(Also, can the universe please stop dumping crap on my head now? This year has sucked massively, and I am kind of not up to dealing with any more disasters, I've had way too many already.)

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Pokemon emergency sale

I'm trying to sell this guy to replace the $200-ish that was stolen from me today. (So I'd like $200 for it, which is discounted $40 from its original sales price.) I'm willing to throw in free USA shipping to anybody who can pay in full up front. It is life size (two feet tall) made from minky, and super cuddleable.

If you know anybody who loves pokemon and might be interested, feel free to send 'em my way.

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