September 16th, 2013



I'm back from my anniversary vacation. It was pretty fun. We camped at Mt. Rainier, with is chok full of gorgeous scenery and wildlife and stuff. But we ended up bailing out early because we'd seen most of what we wanted to see and it was due to rain on us, and packing up a camp in the rain is no fun. So we spent the last day in Portland instead, which was a blast. We saw the Dark Side laser light show and went to the Portland Maker Faire, where I had way too much fun making various crafty things. I also got a little mini cheese making kit that I hope to try out today! So yeah, it was great.

Now, alas, I have to get back to work. :P I'm still running behind on everything, of course, so anybody who has a deadline they don't want missed should drop me a line.

P.S. My current kickstarter ends TOMORRW! I'll be posting more about that later today.

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