November 1st, 2013


BJD pet sales

So with the unicorns now in stock, I figure it's time to put up a sales post for my bjd pets.

Currently I have just two Loonakit-style (ie. ball shaped) dolls available, though I'm working on several more various doll projects, which I'll add here as I finish them. To order a doll, simply drop me an e-mail at and let me know what you'd like. Prices here don't include shipping, but they're small so shipping costs are usually quite low. These are already cast and ready to go, so blanks/kits ship within a week. Dolls with faceups however may take up to two months.

I am also open for custom critter commissions. Prices vary depending on exactly what you want, but if you want a completed resin doll they start at $250 for a ball pet. (There are lower price options, however, if you don't want to be the only owner and I feel the doll may be a popular one, if there is a group that wants one, or if you want a clay original rather than a resin cast.) Custom critters take 6-9 months.

(Click the links for pics!)
$30 - Fennec blank cast.
$30 - Unicorn blank cast.
$40 - Fennec kit
$40 - Unicorn kit
$50 - Fennec full set
(Will have more unicorn examples soon)
$50 - Unicorn full set

Blank casts will need some drilling (holes for tail elastic, magnet holes, etc.) before they're ready to assemble.

Kits come drilled and complete with magnets installed, tail strung, and eye putty and blank eyes included. Fennec kits also come with a fabric tail cover. (White is the default, but other colors are available at no extra charge, just ask!)

Full sets come with a custom faceup (paint job) and have painted acrylic eyes in the color of your choice included.


Just fyi, right now I have 3 fennecs and 9 unicorns in stock. Also, I'm going to be painting a batch next week, so if you order a full set right now you'll get it faster than normal.

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