November 18th, 2013


The next big thing!

Okay folks. So week one is nearly over, and my kickstarter is 85% of the way to funding. I definitely don't need to worry about reaching that minimum goal! But I don't just want it to fund. I want it to be a wild success. I want it to be my best project yet. I want to reach stretch goals! I want to give out free postcards to everyone. And most of all I want to be able to do this thing up there^.

This is a design for an anthro chibi doll that's actually got limbs. And yes, I want to make this as a stretch goal. The idea is that all the people who backed my dragon kickstarter would get to vote on what species I make. (I suspect this means the answer will be "dragon" but I could be surprised!) Then I will make the doll, and use all the extra funds from the hugely successful kickstarter that would have been profits to get it cast instead. And then make my profit by selling what will be a totally awesome little creature.

And because the kickstarter backers would be the ones making it possible, I'd give them all a discount on getting the doll too. The more money raised the bigger batch I could get cast and the better the discount, even!

But to get this guy cast it will cost probably twice what the dragons are costing me, so this kickstarter would need to raise another $1600,for a total of $2400. That means that as of right now we're at just 28% of that goal. So sure, six days in and 85% funded is all well and good, but it's six days in and I need $1722 more raised to do what I really want to do!

So please. I need your help. I need backers, of course, and if you can back this I will love you, seriously. Every new backer notification makes me squee, you can ask my SO about that! But even if you can't back it, you can help me get backers. You can spread this far and wide. You can link this to every person under the sun. You can help me reach that awesome 300% funded goal. I know you can!

Currently the average backer has pledged $48. That means we need 35 more backers to do this. I know there are 35 people on this planet who would back this great project. We just need to find them!

And of course if you help me find them, you can win free stuff too. :3 I want to do nice things for the people who help me! My promotional giveaway is still running. All you have to do is e-mail me at with links/screenshots showing that you've shared my kickstarter campaign link somewhere and you get one ticket for a free art drawing for each place you've shared it. And remember, every time we hit a goalpost, I add another, bigger prize to the drawing!

I will eventually make this doll anyway, but if I have to do it without having financial support already in place for it it'll take longer and cost more. (And require me running a whole 'nother kickstarter for it, probably.) I won't be able to offer discounts, and you won't be able to take part in crowd-sourcing the species I'll make. :)

Tl,dr: Help me share the link so I find more people, so I can make a much more awesome doll, offer discounts on it, and give away more free stuff to the people who help out.

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