November 29th, 2013


Lock your doors, it's Black Friday (also giveaway update)

Good morning, fine folks of the internet. It's Black Friday, and you know what that means, right? That means it's time for sensible people to lock their doors and refuse to come out until tomorrow, that's what it means. :D

It also means that my Kickstarter Black Friday deal is still going, so there are free postcard prints up for grabs. I realize that a small artwork is not nearly so nice as some of the other deals out there, but you will not have to get up at 4am, or stand in line, or elbow away a maddened granny who wants the last one, so I think it's still probably a decent value. :)

This deal runs until Cyber Monday, which is this coming Monday. After that the kickstarter will have just over one week left, as it ends on Dec. 12, which is a Thursday.

We're still about $700 short of the second stretch goal, so I'd really like to get a bunch more backers (we need around 15 more to make it) but even if it doesn't get any more before the end, I think it's done pretty well. Thank you all who've backed and shared the link!

And speaking of sharing the link, since we passed 200% just this morning, that means it's time for me to add another prize to the giveaway drawing pool!

Right now you can get a tail, a loonakit plush, a chibi plush, or a watercolor pencil portrait, all custom made of whatever character you'd like. I haven't given away any new tickets in a while, so I'm adding a small prize this time, a fuzzy python in the colors of your choice. (Like these: )

To get a ticket all you have to do is post the kickstarter link somewhere, then e-mail me at and let me know you've done so with a link or screenshot.

Due to furaffinity's new rules, FA journals no longer count for tickets, but any other post on any other site still does.

Here's the link in question:

Thanks again to everybody who's backed and shared the link. You are all awesome, and I literally couldn't have made it this far without you. My personal life is being kind of lousy lately, so this is a really great bright spot in it, and it means a lot to me.

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