December 1st, 2013


Commissions in 2014 (Important stuff here)

So I've sat down and done some planning for next year. I am attending three conventions, two of which are BIG events that I need tons and tons of prep for. This means I will be spending a lot of time on convention prep and not so much time on commissioned work this year, so I'll have fewer slots, they'll fill up faster, and the projects may take longer.

Here's how it looks right now:

Jan - already full
Feb - already full
Mar - already full
Apr - Just filled
May - Convention sewing
June - Convention sewing
July - convention attending, and sewing. (Everfree)
August - convention attending, and sewing. (Bronycon)
Sept - catching up on things, more convention attending and sewing. (Rainfurrest)
Oct - open
Nov - open
Dec - open

So yeah. I basically have just FOUR large project slots left in the year, and eight or nine medium project slots. Small stuff (loonakits, ears, tails, etc.) can always be squeezed in around other things, but if you want anything else from me, you might want to consider at least sending a down payment to reserve a spot as soon as possible.

Edit: just filled up April today, so now the next space isn't until October and there's only three large spots and 6-7 medium ones.

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