June 5th, 2014


Important info for future commissioners

I'm doing a lot more conventions these days. I LOVE doing conventions, they're fun to do, they're profitable, and I get to sew whatever I feel like (well, within reason) and generally people will buy it. It's awesome. Right now I find it way less stressful than taking commissions.

Sewing stock to sell at conventions, however, eats hugely into my time. I'm basically open for commissions for about half the year now. That means spots fill up twice as fast, and well...

http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1226131.html <--that there is where I keep track of my projects. If you scroll down just a bit you can see the bolded spots that indicate open commission slots. Notice the dates above them. Yeah.

Given other future plans I have, I may be cutting commissions even further back, and raising my prices over the next year or so. I have no plans to ever close them completely, but spots on my commission list are going to get harder and harder to get going forward, and I felt it might be good of me to give some heads up about that to people who have been thinking about commissioning me someday.

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