June 8th, 2014


Today has been a good day.

I got lots of work done. All days are working days right now, even a bit on Sunday, which is my usual one day off. But the food is what really made today great.

I got up early to go down to the Saturday Market and sell, but didn't get a space. A block away, however, is this amazing waffle place, so JJ and I went there for liege waffles. If you've never had one, they are hard to explain, but they're slightly sweet and the surface is carmelized. So picture slightly sweet, caramel-y waffles. On mine I had bacon, caramelized onions, soft goat cheese, fresh basil leaves, strawberries, and basalmic vinegar. It was AMAZING. One of the best things I've ever eaten.

Then, for a late lunch, JJ decided to do steaks. He cooks a perfect medium rare steak, and makes a great pan sauce with it. I think it's red wine and basalmic vinegar, and a little butter? Really good, anyway.

And just now, for dinner, I've had five baby artichokes from the farmer's market, with a dab of mayo, and then a handful of tiny, really delicious strawberries for desert.

So yeah. Good food, good day.

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