August 4th, 2014



I'm back from Bronycon. It was a ton of fun, and also fairly profitable, which is good. :3 I'm looking forward to going again next year.

Just as an FYI, my upcoming con schedule includes Rainfurrest next month, BABScon 2015, Everfree NW 2015, and Bronycon again in 2015 as well.

Right now I am dead tired after the crazy schedule I kept to prepare for two huge conventions in a row, so I am taking at least a few days off of work. When I start work again, I'll be finishing the last of my dragon kickstarter rewards, getting a few small commissions off my plate, catching up on one very overdue project, and then diving right into prep for Rainfurrest, which means making tails, tails, and more tails. If you're going to be at Rainfurrest, feel free to suggest tails you'd like to see for sale there!

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