November 8th, 2014


A good day

I should post about my good days, and not just whine about my bad ones.

Today has definitely been a good day.

We had brunch (with a gift card, so it was free!) at a seriously swanky restaurant where I had this amazing thing with sweet potatoes and squash and poached eggs and some kind of creamy chili sauce and peanuts... It may sound a bit odd, but it was AMAZING. (Also the diet thing has really kind of worked for me, because I didn't even finish it and I felt stuffed. I took some home for later.)

Then we went hiking to a place called Tamolitch pool. Google it and look at the images. GOOGLE IT NOW. Look at that! Isn't it fricking amazing? It looked just like that in real life. It is the place where a river that has vanished underground comes back up again. It was just... wow. I want to go back during the summer and jump right in. (A couple of very crazy young men actually did jump in while we were there. They screamed and climbed right back out again. Water from underground is cold, and today was not exactly hot.) The whole hike was great, and now that I'm only carrying about 15 extra pounds instead of 40, it wasn't even tiring, it was just awesome. Plus hiking means extra calories in the budget for food, which I definitely used up. Nomfoods. (Also we were talking about stories and tropes and sci-fi and things and I had a fun idea for a Pony/Culture crossover story. It needs huge amounts of fleshing out, as it's not really a plot, just a concept, but maybe I'll do it someday.)

Then after that we came home, and showered (and, ah... had sexyfuntimes) and then went over to the inlaws' for gameday. JJ's half brother shot two elk last week, so dinner was elk tenderloin sandwiches. They were fricking delicious. We are going to eat more elk tomorrow. Nom.

Also our guys kicked the snot out of their guys in the game, so that was good. Though I have never seen so many injuries, on both sides. They had a quarterback out, and I think at least one other guy, and we lost several of our best players, including the center, which was not exactly good; his replacement was kinda wobbly in places. One of the injuries on our side was really bad, too :( But hopefully we'll still win the rest of our games, there are only two left in the regular season, if I'm looking at this right, and neither of them should be super hard. Hopefully at least a few of our injured guys will be back in for them.

But anyhow, it was really a fantastic day, overall.

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