November 9th, 2014


Selling super-rare Japanese pokemon and Okami plushes

So various circumstances mean I need some quick cash, (not an emergency or anything, just stuff I decided I needed more than I need plushes) and these are the most valuable plushes I own, so I'm selling them. They are all SUPER hard to find. Seriously. All of them come from Japan except the giant Eevee, which could only be won at carnivals and fairs and things. None of these have ever (or will ever) be available from any store in the USA. I have spent years slowly collecting them, including actually importing some of them myself.

Anyhow! I will be listing any that don't sell now on ebay next week, but I thought I'd save you (and me) some trouble and give people a chance to just buy them without bidding here.

Prices are negotiable, especially if you buy more than one thing. Additional photos are available on request. FREE shipping is included inside the USA, and outside the USA we can negotiate some shipping deals, but there may still be some cost, especially on the larger plushes.


Canvas Espeon $100

Canvas Eevee $100

Canvas Umbreon $120

Canvas Flareon $150

Canvas Jolteon $180
This is nearly impossible to find. I traded a life sized, hand made Growlithe plush to get this thing.

Chibiterasu e-capcom pillow plush $250
The only one of these I can find for sale anywhere wants nearly $500 for it! Holy cow. They were a limited edition tie-in for the Okamiden game, only sold in Japan. Even at the time they were something like $100 each, and I had to arrange for somebody in Japan to buy it for me and ship it to me, which as you can imagine wasn't cheap.

Life size Eevee $100
This is probably actually the easiest to find of all of them, but you have to worry about bootlegs that will look like utter derp. Mine is guaranteed legit!

Giant Play by Play Eevee $200
Impossible to find. Seriously. The smaller, 16" version pops up now and then, and the stupid little keychain ones are readily available (I have one of those too! I can throw it in with this if you like, but it is the derpiest Eevee I've ever seen.) but when I was looking for this, I spent months and months searching, and only ever saw one for sale besides this one, and it went for a LOT.

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