February 19th, 2015


What's the female form of dudebro?

So I am lifting weights these days. :D And by "these days" I mean "for the last two weeks."

It's been fun, frankly. I really like it, and I look forward to having great arms instead of noodly, middle-aged-lady arms, which I currently have. (And, you know, other muscles and things, but I *do* have decent legs already, it's the arms that I've always found lacking.)

It's also *really* surreal, though. What the heck am I doing in the weight room at the gym? Srsly, what? I haven't set foot in a weight room since a high school gym unit on weights 20 years ago. People like me do not belong in weight rooms!

It's not a gender thing, either, there are other girls there, and it's not like I've felt I was too girly a girl to lift. I am not a girl girl, I never have been! It's more that I've been a *nerd*. Nerds read books and have arguments about superheroes, they don't lift. Dudebros lift. Whatever it is you call those aggressively fit ladies that could break me in half without even trying lift. Nerds like me do not lift.

Except I guess I do. I *like* it, even.

Still, it's just so incredibly surreal. I just got advice on a problem I've been having from schwarzenegger.com, for frick's sake. In what world does a person like me visit the governator's bodybuilding-centric site? Srsly, that's weird, weird, weird.

But it feels good, and I'm going to keep doing it. I don't plan on being one of those piles of lady-muscle, but I do plan on being able to flex and tell that I've done so. :D

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