August 6th, 2018


Where to find me on the net

I haven't posted here much lately. But I do still live, and I do still read!

And I also did this:

I made a list!

And now you can see it in multiple places at once, because this is THE list of spots on the internet where I have content of some kind.

Plus my Furry Writer’s Guild profile, which has no content, but I’m kinda chuffed about it at the moment? I still don’t *quite* qualify for the SFWA guild and I’m not sure I’d be interested in paying the dues even if I did (they’re a great organization overall, but still…) but the FWG is pretty nifty.

But yeah. Writing stuff, sewing stuff, even the erotica-only tumblr I haven’t really properly unveiled yet, since the book I made it to promote won’t be out for at least a few more weeks.

If you want to see what I’m up to, here are all the places you can.

P.S. You will never find me on Facebook. Never.

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