September 17th, 2018


Doing NaNo in the wrong month

I could use an outlet to babble at people, and hey, this thing is still here. I was putting personal stuff on my FimFic blog for a while, but... I dunno. People get ideas in their head about authors, and fans seem to react weirdly to personal stuff sometimes. It's not that people weren't nice, mostly they were, but fans Also bronydom has some super cancerous corners, ugh. I block them, but still. Blech.

Anyway, right now I am writing. Hoo boy am I writing. I started the story on the 1st of this month, not on purpose, but that's just when the idea started to gel, and it's now 58,400 words long.

Yup. A NaNo's worth, plus 8k and change, in barely over two weeks. And that's with my having paused for a couple of days to write ~5k of Zelda fanfic. I write fast when the muse hits. The muse is just not amenable to bribery or other forms of coercion, she strikes when she feels like it.

It's a very fun story! M/M gay romance with gods and vampires and magic. I've thrown about two dozen different kinds of history and mythology in the blender with honestly quite a lot of influence from certain anime and manga I've been into lately, and what spilled out was this thing tentatively called The Sacrifice.

I toyed with making it a ponyfic, actually. It would have worked very well as a Twilight/Celestia shipfic. But I decided I'd probably get more inspired with doing it as an original and saving my fanfic mojo for one of my million other projects in progress. This seems to have been correct. So instead of Celestia, the ancient sun goddess who accidentally became a vampire, and Twilight, the ordinary denizen of Ponyville who loses everything and volunteers to be a sacrifice to save her people, we have Belinos, the ancient vampire who accidentally became a sun god, and Oisin, the ordinary denizen of his little village who loses everything and volunteers to be a sacrifice.

Oisin is still pretty Twilight at times, but he's pretty different at other times. Bel... Sigh. He's still pretty Celestia in a lot of moments, and there have been bits of the story that made me wish he still was, because everybody reading would just know why they were meaningful without my having to build the meaning in. Fanfiction is nice like that. (The first sunrise for Celestia after centuries in the dark goes without explaining. But I have to set up exactly why that's a big deal for Bel there.)

But whatever. There are bits I would have needed to work harder on with Celestia. (The true name thing, everything related to the vampirism.)

And hey, I like pretty boys. I want to get art of them eventually. I'm not good enough to draw them how I really want.

If you're curious, I just put up the first chapter over on Furaffinity. You can check it out.

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