December 25th, 2018


Chronicleing my weird dreams again.

So there was this fantasy kingdom with a long history and tons of elaborate traditions and rituals and prophecies and magic and shit. The proper king was a lion, who was a bit Aslan-esque, but not magical or divine. I was, for some reason, a balding middle aged human man. I also apparently knew a lot about the kingdom's prophecies and how its special magic worked.

The kingdom had just recently been conquered by a kind of steampunk Rome, and the lion was in prison, and everything was going all wrong. I knew, though, that the right kind of human sacrifice would fix it all. So I volunteered, and went to the right place, and the dream was actually really disturbingly detailed and vivid, I dreamed out the whole exact feeling of getting killed. Creepy as fuck.

Then my point of view switched to one of the secondary characters who'd been there at the ritual, and he went to the castle where the king had just been released from the dungeon, and all the steampunk Romans were gone, and a lot of people were kind of wandering around in confusion, because most of the kingdom hadn't known about the sacrifice at all. The new me told the king about it, and he was actually really depressed that somebody had needed to die to return him to his throne.

Then the whole thing changed to a dream about a sort of weird Vegas casino (I think the castle changed to become like the Excalibur there, which I've been to a bunch) and JJ was there, and we were playing some bizarre elaborate pinball game, and won a prize that turned out to be kinda bullshit.

Then the goober child kicked me in the ribs and I woke up.

Anyway, it was an odd dream, even by my standards. Having a vivid recollection of exactly what it's like to get your throat cut is, uh... Yikes, brain, WTF? It wasn't a nightmare, though, I was very proud of having done it in the dream. It was just kind of creepy all the same.

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