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My family trip was mostly uneventful. Nothing awful happened. Nothing particularly wonderful happened either. It was just vaguely uncomfortable, metaphorically and physically. (Gods, their guest bed is awful. And it turns out they know that and just... haven't done anything about it. Thanks, guys. That's probably a metaphor for something.)

These trips are pretty much always uneventful, but that doesn't really make the discomfort or the anxiety about it go away. But oh well. I'm here to relay one particular incident which amuses me probably all out of proportion to its actual entertainment value.

When I was little I had a bunch of cloth dolls, mostly hand made by my mother or various relatives. I didn't play with them much, and I left them in my parents' basement when I moved out, because honestly I don't give a shit. I took along the old toys I cared about. But my mother is fixated on dolls for some damn reason. They're "proper", gender-appropriate, wholesome toys, maybe? Her last visit she brought three of my old dolls and gave them to my kiddo for her to play with. Which is fine, they're not her favorite toys, but she gets them out sometimes.

Mom recently found one more, and was going on and on and on and on about it and where it came from and how great it would be for the kiddo to have it. And I thought about the dolls she already has, and suddenly I knew what I had to do.

"I'm sure she'll love it. She does play with the ones she has. It's super cute. They're all girl dolls, of course, and one of them is smaller than the others, so she's decided that they're 'mommy doll, and mommy doll, and baby doll.' A little family, isn't that so cute?"

There was an awkward silence and I could just *feel* my mother trying to find a way to say all the homophobic thoughts suddenly racing through her head, without coming out and admitting that she is indeed a homophobe and literally fears gay people. Finally she said, a little bit too intensely, "You should buy a boy doll, so they can have a daddy."

I just kinda shrugged and didn't reply.

"Or, uh, I know, one of the stuffed animals could be the daddy. A teddy bear would make a good daddy for her."

I shrugged again. "I guess I could do that."

And we could both hear the "But I'm a liberal, gay, satanic heathen, so I won't," hovering between us.

Then she changed the subject. :D

Huzzah to kiddo, for her cute lesbian doll family that makes grandma horribly uncomfortable. I did take the new doll home. I'm curious if we'll get three mommies (yay, poly?) or if she'll come up with some other thing to do with them.

Several weeks later edit: It is indeed three mommies. Poly lesbian family ftw.

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